James' Blog - Chart Rewind

Random Top 40 countdowns from the past dissected and given a song by song appreciation. Featuring stories you are familiar with and some you may not have heard before.

Into the Top 20 of June 1991 although with Madonna, The Pet Shop Boys and even Kraftwerk in here there is a distinctly 80s vibe to parts of this.

The Top 30 of the singles chart from June 1991. Includes gratuitous Queen and the account of winning a T'Pau album on a local radio quiz. More thrilling than it sounds, trust me.

There's a distinctly summer vibe to this particular chart retrospective, winding the clock back to the balmy days of 1991 when it seems the nation had gone sex and soundtrack crazy.

Madonna, Suede and the only song that kd land will ever be remembered for. It is Part 2 of the rewind through the charts from March 1993.

A wander back in time to the spring of 1993 and a singles chart notable for a set of three songs right at the very top. But as ever, we are getting ahead of ourselves. James won't turn Informer.

After doing the very first vintage chart rewind piece, it seemed a bloody good idea to have a second go. So this was the second go, taking a look back at February 1990 and a tape of the chart that, because it featured so many memorable and personal favourite songs, remains a compelling listen.

Rewinding the tape of an old Top 40 show from November 1987 and we reach the Top 20. Featuring Boy George's great overlooked hit single.