James' Blog - Chart Rewind

Random Top 40 countdowns from the past dissected and given a song by song appreciation. Featuring stories you are familiar with and some you may not have heard before.

Top of the charts this week in October 1987 was... well get pumped because it is pretty damn famous. Although we tell a slightly different story here to the one you are all used to.

This will be fun. A romp through one of the most treasured tapes in my collection, and a genuinely historic moment for the 14-year-old me. The day in October 1987 that the charts changed forever.

Rewinding the tape of an old Top 40 show from November 1987 and we reach the Top 20. Featuring Boy George's great overlooked hit single.

Where it all began. A vague idea to talk about the songs on an old tape of a Top 40 show from decades past turned into an entire series and I guess in a way inspired books as well. A trip back in time to November 1987. When pop music was really, really good.

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