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All hail Lewis Capaldi, undeniable King of albums with the strongest sale of the year. All hail Sheeran and Bieber who are still Kings of singles. But hail too to Lil Nas X who hasn't been Number One for five weeks now, but keeps racking up the numbers to deserve to. Plus Eurovision and even Britain thinks our own entry is garbage.

One of those weeks where there was simply no competition at the top of the charts. Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber prove they are as potent a force together as they are apart. But did they manage to land the fastest selling Number One single of the year?

One of those weeks in which nothing moves about very much, but also another of those weeks when some very exciting new singles arrive. Lewis Capaldi is back once again, but Stormzy and Lil Nas X are locked in an ever-spiralling battle to the death. Which may come sooner than we think.

The Vossi Bop. All the cool kids are doing it, haven't you heard? Shoving the big comeback from a big American superstar very much into second place, Stormzy bends streaming records, bends your mind with his rhymes, and bends reality in the video. He's a quite sensational debutant at the top of the charts this week. But whatever did Boris do to upset him?