James' Blog - Chart Rewind

Random Top 40 countdowns from the past dissected and given a song by song appreciation. Featuring stories you are familiar with and some you may not have heard before.

Our wander through the chart of March 2001 reaches the money shot, the moment the Manic Street Preachers decided to do what no mainstream act had managed before and release... well, let's not spoil the surprise before you click.

Flashing back to a time when yes, you could indeed release a club track with the word "ladyboy" in the title and nobody truly batted an eyelid. It was a much simpler age.

Flashing back to 2001 (one of pop's best-ever years) and the moment when the Manic Street Preachers decided to pull off a promotional stunt and do something nobody had ever attempted before.

Dannii Minogue, Flaming Lips and S Club 7 circling the dumper. What's not to love here? It is the second part of our wander through the charts of summer 2003.

Summer 2003. Wes is on the chart show, everyone but everyone is dancing to the Diwali Riddim and an American rock group suddenly land one of the most iconic chart-topping hits of the era. Let's dive in.