James' Blog - Chart Rewind

Random Top 40 countdowns from the past dissected and given a song by song appreciation. Featuring stories you are familiar with and some you may not have heard before.

A visit to the Christmas chart of 1988. One with a lot of fond memories and some very famous singles to boot. Here's the very first part, as announced on the Radio One chart show on Boxing Day 1988.

So it comes to this. The ten biggest selling singles for Christmas 1986. And a Number One single which caught absolutely everyone by surprise.

Our wander through the 1986 Christmas chart has reached the Top 20. This bit may contain unacceptable levels of Des O'Connor. Of all people.

The 90s come to an end. The millennium turns. Everyone argues as to whether it is the end of the century or not. And Westlife and Cliff duke it out for the right to close out the year at the top of the charts.

Our wander through the Christmas chart of 1999 reaches the Top 30 and stumbles across some former Eastenders and a former Spice Girl.

A wander through the hits and other surrounding matters from December 1999 as the Christmas chart takes on a very end of the millennium flavour.

Funny how some charts coincide with special holidays. Easter 1989 was a happy time for me and produced some fantastic music as well. Enjoy a song by song countdown of that chart, as broadcast that day by Radio One.