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Occasional updates on changes to chart rules and other newsworthy items. Plus any musings that don't necessarily fit within the weekly Chart Watch columns.

As a follow-up to the previous piece, some notes on the record sales for albums and when they were achieved, along with some sobering facts about the size of the seasonal market over the past few years.

The historic size of the overall singles market. And just what caused record highs and lows in the past. The answers may surprise you.

Change is upon us, as the legendary creator of the whole idea of chart commentary steps down. And they are very big shoes to fill.

Another watershed moment in the transformation of the UK charts. After years of the question being asked, video streams will finally count towards the singles chart. Here's the ins and outs of how it will all work.

Ed Sheeran did manage to break things, to the extent that a whole new set of rules are to be put in place to try to settle things down a little. Introducing (amongst other things) the Accelerated Chart Ratio.

A polemic on the crisis engulfing the album market, and how the rise of the new streaming superstars may prove that the format isn't as dead as we feared.

 Drake has been Number One forever with One Dance and this has lead to people all over the place starting to question stuff. Again. We're still not over this streams thing are we?

Justin Bieber is on the verge of doing something extraordinary. So here's the breakdown of just why he is so unique.

Gotta get down on Friday. Here's how they plan to deal with the messy business of moving the chart publication date to Fridays.

Now this is interesting, in all kinds of ways. The music industry is to standardise release dates worldwide. Everything now comes out on Fridays, and that means Radio One moving the chart show as well.

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