James' Blog - Chart Rewind

Random Top 40 countdowns from the past dissected and given a song by song appreciation. Featuring stories you are familiar with and some you may not have heard before.

So now we get to the meat of it. A Top 10 containing something that had never happened before, and given current chart circumstances will likely never happen again.

In this part: Cliff tries to be cool, Sex On The Beach is better than you remember and the Beautiful South's final moment of greatness.

This one is a cheat. A Top 40 retrospective not actually based on a cassette in my collection. But it marks a rather famous moment in time, as something happened on the singles chart for the very first time - this week in October 1998.

A song from Louis Walsh's most famous folly? That's in here as we wander through the third part of our look back at the chart of May 2002.

A look back at the 30-21 section of a singles chart from May 2002. Contains unacceptable levels of Ali G. Proceed with caution.

This was a fun one to do. A flash back to spring 2002 where we encounter the reborn Sugababes and my one and only proper showbiz mate. All is revealed inside.

Floating our way back to the days of Enigma and Ace Of Base. And no small amount of Mariah Carey too. A personal challenge here, to review music which coincided with a very bad time in my life. February 1994 here we come.