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Occasional updates on changes to chart rules and other newsworthy items. Plus any musings that don't necessarily fit within the weekly Chart Watch columns.

As Nico & Vinz make a colossal jump to the top of the charts, a look back at some of the past huge climbs we've seen - and the unique circumstances behind them all.

A piece in the Guardian noted the ever-gathering momentum of the decline of the album. Here are my thoughts on the topic, wondering just how much more life the format actually has.

Streaming data is about to be added to the Official UK Singles chart. And you can bet your life that nothing will ever be the same again.

The strange tale of David Bowie and why his new single has caused all manner of brow-furrowing. Because the rules had to be changed to allow it onto the charts.

More stuff about the history of Christmas Number One - or in particular this peculiar British habit of betting on the charts at this time of year.

The noble history of instrumental Number One songs on the UK charts. Naturally, it is a topic within which there is considerable room for debate.

A short history of Christmas Number One and an attempt to explode a few myths ahead of the announcement of the 2011 winner.

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