This week's Official UK Singles Chart

"They've Cocked It Up Again."

It seems almost comical to have to, for the second time in almost as many months, to report a major error in the production of the chart, but that is exactly what happened this week. The exact details of the error have not yet been properly revealed but it appears that yet again some rogue data was allowed through which meant there were substantial inaccuracies in the chart published on Saturday night. Unlike the problems last December, this data caused far more damage and meant that, aside from the Top 8, almost every record had its position misreported when the chart was first broadcast. Therefore, the listing below is the amended version, released in a hurry on Monday afternoon and will therefore differ from many that you may have seen printed elsewhere (including Music Week). [A second botched chart due to corrupt data prompted the introduction of the upweighting rules now in place, so missing data from any one retailer need not affect the chart production].


Errors aside, things seem pretty quiet this week with no changes at the top but a number of records moving into position, waiting for Celine Dion to tire after her now marathon stay in the upper reaches. 10 new entries, 6 climbers and 3 non-movers.

The Chart

No. 36: NEW ENTRY. Those 2 Girls - All I Want

First up this week is the debut hit from the latest pair of pop kids to be unleashed on the nation, its appearance following the usual round of plugs in teenage magazines and TV shows. Sadly for the girls the single itself is quite unspectacular - their stardom will have to wait [at least until Denise Van Outen gets a job as the travel reporter on the Big Breakfast]

No. 32: NEW ENTRY. Gene - Haunted By You

The second hit single for Gene, to follow Sleep Well Tonight which made No.36 back in November.

No. 26: NEW ENTRY. Rozalla - Baby

First hit of 1995 for Rozalla who, despite several hits in 1994, failed to reach the dizzy heights of earlier hits such as Everybody's Free back in 1991. That said, her last single You'll Never Love The Same Way Twice became one of her biggest hits since so a turnaround could well be on the cards. Her new hit slows down the tempo slightly though for a more sophisticated soul sound. Its actually a cover of a record released by the Soul Family Sensation back in 1991 which made No.49 under its full title I Don't Even Know If I Should Call You Baby and has remained something of a lost classic ever since. Interestingly enough the vocalist on the original, Jhelisa Anderson went onto greater things, becoming female vocalist for the Shamen on their Boss Drum album in 1992.

No. 24: NEW ENTRY. Drizabone - Real Love

It seems to be the week for the resurrection of classic 90s dance hits. Drizabone were last in the chart in April 1994 with Pressure which made No.33. They are best known though for the classic Real Love which made No.16 in May 1991. Now remixed and re-released it explodes back onto the chart to charm a whole new generation of clubgoers. What is more curious to note is that the original chart run of Real Love appears lost to posterity. Look in the last edition of 'British Hit Singles' or even the computerised database sold by CIN and you will not find it listed in any shape or form, yet the record did chart and can be seen on any chart from the period. [I don't have that edition of the book any more to check if that is true].

No. 23: NEW ENTRY. Judy Cheeks - Respect

Judy Cheeks is clearly one of those artists who is aiming for a hit once a calendar year. She first charted after years of singing on other peoples records with So In Love which made No.27 in November 1993. That was followed by Reach which made No.17 in May 1994 and now here comes her hit for 1995, another pleasant soul song which will make no major chart waves and simply leaves us waiting for 1996...

No. 20: CLIMBER. Mike and the Mechanics - Over My Shoulder

A small hike for Mike and the Mechanics, increased slightly after they were misreported at No.21 at the start of the week. It gives the supergroup a third Top 20 hit after nearly 10 years of hit-making.

No. 17: NEW ENTRY. Elton John - Believe

This past week has seen in the media what amounts to the virtual deification of Elton John. Not only did he receive a Lifetime Contribution award at last weeks Brits but he has also given lengthy interviews to publications such as Q and NME all about his battles with cocaine and alcohol addictions. All the exposure has of course helped the prospects for his brand new single from his first solo album proper since 1992s The One (excluding of course 1993s Duets and the recent Lion King soundtrack). By no means a very special Elton John song but it comes in the wake of his two Top 20 hits from the Lion King, plus three hits from Duets to put him in the middle of his best run of hits for years - in fact this is his 10th consecutive Top 40 hit since November 1991, and it was 1978 when he last achieved that consistency of success. In all it is his 35th Top 20 hit.

No. 14: NEW ENTRY. Clock - Axel F/Keep Pushin'

Well here is an interesting record. Following minor chart entries last year with The Rhythm and Keep The Home Fires Burning, Clock suddenly sparkle and release their version of Harold Faltermeyers classic theme which first made No.2 in 1985. It's a 90s mix of the song of course, but in actual fact bears comparison with the original which to be fair sounds these days rather 80s and a bit dated. Thus along with the Perfecto Allstarz there are now two versions of 1980s instrumental dance hits in the chart.. now where did I put my boob tube and stilettos?

No. 9: RE-ENTRY. Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On

The biggest new hit of the week is also a reactivated oldie. Push The Feeling On had been making waves on dancefloors for months when it was first released in October last year. The buzz was enough to send the track to No.22 whereupon it dropped out quickly. In a similar manner to the Goodmen's Give It Up in 1993, the track has refused to die and featured consistently on DJ returns ever since. Thus re-released and re-promoted the track crashes back onto the chart to become an instant Top 10 smash. With hindsight it is easy to see why, as it is one of those dance hits to rank alongside the Source's You Got The Love and Robyn S's Show Me Love - a simple but insistent rhythm upon which is built layer after layer of production to reach a rousing climax... watch it go Top 3.

No. 6: CLIMBER. Perfecto Allstarz - Reach Up (...Pigbag)

Another climb for the Allstarz with their sights now set on the No.3 peak of the original back in 1982... provided they can fight their way past the competition of course...

No. 1: FIFTH WEEK. Celine Dion - Think Twice

The hits are now queuing up and straining at the leash to depose Celine Dion with any one of the upward movers in the Top 10 standing a good chance there seems though no sign of Celine Dion easing up at all. The end must surely come soon though as the record has now been on release for 21 weeks and you have to query how many punters are left to buy it. With a number of big new releases due soon too there are clearly changes afoot... see you next week.